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Luxurious Spa & Swimming Pools

Three beautiful swimming and sunbathing pools with the comfortable sun-beds where guests can enjoy a refreshing cocktail from the pool bar is the perfect place for cooling off and enjoy a beautiful day in the sun. The private outdoor heated hydro massage spa in every villa is ideal for extra moments of relaxation. Soothing spa treatments are available for guests in search of a relaxing holiday. Situated in idyllic surroundings and decorated with charming details the Oia Sunset Villa massage corner, offers the perfect choice for those wishing to fully escape from routine life. Guests have the choice of a unique wellness experience by enjoying single or couple treatments, either indoors or in the new outdoor massage corner, offering a tranquil environment and a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.




Deep Tissue is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue, therefore the pressure will generally be more intense, the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots. It’s possible that you may fell some soreness the day after a deep tissue massage. It’s important to drink a lot of water after the session to help lactic acid out of the body.

Session time (full body): 60 min (Targeted areas): 30 min


Sport Massage is used for general relaxation of the muscle skeletal system. With this type of massage, the therapist can remove the accumulation of general aches and pains and can explore the soft tissue more intimately, especially for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion.


Focused techniques are conducted to sedate or stimulate nerve endings, increase of decrease muscle length and assist in the removal of metabolic waste.

Session time (full body): 60 min (Targeted areas): 30 min


Release and Relax Motion is a holistic massage technique which provides comprehensive treatment with immediate results. During the session, the body itself is the leader for various massage techniques which it applies while it moves. The massage offers relaxation, relief from chronic pain and wellbeing. Release and relax motion also aims to improve joint and spine movement and to reset muscle function to normal.
Session time: 60 min


Carrying a baby inside you changes the center of your gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles and shoulders. During pregnancy, regular prenatal massage may not only help you to relax and decrease stress but may also relieve insomnia, joint, neck and back pain, leg cramping and sciatica. It can also increase blood flow, which is so important when you are pregnant, and keep lymphatic system working at peak efficiency, flushing out toxins from your body.
Session time: 60 min


The harmonized combination of the intense pressures of deep tissue massage, the functional techniques of release and relax motion along with the dynamic handles of sports massage for these key muscle area creates a stress and knot release session.
Session time: 45 min


Thai Massage session takes place on a mat, set on the floor, and the participants wear comfortable cloths to facilitate the movement. During the session, oil use is forbidden. The therapist uses the fingers, palms, elbows, forearms and feet in order to apply various techniques according to the needs of the receiver.

Traditional Thai Massage is a dynamic process, while at the same time; it raises deep relaxation and can relieve symptoms caused by wrong body posture, such as back, neck and joint problems. It helps in fighting insomnia, stress and stimulates the muscle and circulatory system.
Session time: 90 min





A dynamic aromatherapy massage for her and a deep tissue massage for him, an excellent choice for two to relieve tension and stress. Using specific releasing techniques to aid in the reduction of stress the positive flow energy is encouraged and full body vitality is restored.
Session time: 60 min


This treatment combines the relaxation of a holistic massage with the beneficial results of skin hydration. Using featured moisturizers during the massage, both full body hydration and deep relaxation is achieved.
Session time: 60 min


A customized soothing massage using pure essential oils, which aim to restore the body balance. It is designed to reduce tension and mental fatigue, resulting in a feeling of well-being and revitalization through the power of the essential oils.
Session time: 90 min





Select this excellent nourishing and hydrating face treatment to enhance the natural defenses of the skin and offer antioxidant protection.
Session time: 45 min


This divine treatment intensely nourishes dull skin revealing a noticeably brighter and more radiant skin. Formulated to provide a fresher skin surface. Τhis mask will help optimize a more youthful, alive and translucent complexion. Especially designed for the bride to be and women who want to look flawless.
Session time: 50 min


An enhanced hydration treatment for face and body to reserve the negative effects of sun exposure. It soothes, cools and repairs damage caused by UV light exposure.
Session time : 60 min





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